Japanese Style Of Tattoo Making And Different Types Of Tattoo Designing


Tattoo making is the most creative and skilful job. Making the best tattoo requires the services of a creative and skilful tattoo artist who is quite creative and best in the business. Tattoo artists use different equipments to make different styles of tattoo on the body of people and one such style of tattoo making is Japanese style of tattoo making. This style of tattoo making uses cultural heritage of Japan in designing a tattoo and implements the design which represents the culture of Japan. A Japanese tattoo artist has to be perfect in designing different types of Japanese tattoo to make them look attractive and beautiful. Here is the link to get more information.


Different types of designs of Japanese style of tattoo making are as follows:

Dragon designing – a dragon is quite powerful and quite strong tattoo option. Dragons represent strength and power and are also a sign of wealth. Dragon tattoo is one of the most popular forms of tattoo designing in Japanese culture. Dragons tattoos can be truly inspiring and can give a mystical feel. A dragon tattoo can use different colours and may look extra ordinary on any body type.

Kanji style – the kanji style uses Japanese words in tattoo making. This tattoo makes use of Japanese letters to convey the feelings of an individual. This tattoo is quite simple and can be given a real feel using different types of decorating designs.

Koi designs – This one is quite popular and is quite suitable for women. Unique designs can be created using this style.


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Each design of the tattoo has its own significance. So, when you plan to get your body designed with tattoo, you should thoroughly search for the right design which has specific significance which you want. Generally, tattoo lovers want the tattoo on their body which reflects their personality, symbolizes good luck to them, has astrological importance, help them to overcome their fear and other similar significance.  You can choose to have a black and white tattoo or colorful tattoo on any part of your body.

Japanese tattoo designs

A Japanese tattoo artist can help you well to have the Japanese tattoo design on your body. Japanese tattoo is about the designs which depict strength like samurai, koi fish, swords, ninja, karate equipments and other related things of great importance in the Japanese culture. Japanese tattoo designs have the spiritual meaning which can help you to gain spirituality.


Chinese tattoo designs

Chinese tattoo are attractive in designs and these are the latest trend of tattoo in the present world. People like to adorn their body with Chinese tattoos. These tattoo designs are mysterious, exotic and simple to design. Some of the popular Chinese tattoo designs are Hanzi, dragon, single letter Chinese tattoo, Chinese berry blossom, animal name Chinese tattoo, Chinese lady tattoo design, Buddha Chinese tattoo and many more. The popularity of the Chinese tattoo designs can be witnessed from the specialty Chinese tattoo parlor all over the world.

Modern tattoo making

The modern tattoo making is quite different from the traditional tattoo designing technique. The modern tattoo making technique is less painful and non septic as there are lots of creams and lotions which prevent the scarring of the skin.


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The tattoo making in Japan is followed like a tradition. The Japanese tattoo art is influenced by Chinese Culture. Nowadays, the young generation loves to get a tattoo on their body as it is the latest fashion. Some people like to get tattoo for some sentimental reasons. Some tattoos are worn to express some beliefs or aspirations. The tattoo art has gained popularity not just among youngsters but in adults also. After knowing the different transition art of tattoo making in Japan, you will surely appreciate it.

Different types of tattoos made by Japanese Tattoo artist are as follows-

Dragon Tattoos– Dragons represent power and strength. They have ability to spit fire. They are considered as good protectors of mankind. If you are a tattoo lover you can have a large and fascinating dragon tattoo on your body.


Phoenix Tattoos- Phoenix tattoos represent mythical creatures. Phoenix does not represent power. It is a bird which rose again from its ashes after being consumed by fire. It is slightly different from dragon. You can have a phoenix tattoo on your body if you love mythological birds.

Snake Tattoos- Nowadays, snake tattoos are trending all over the world. Some people consider snake as a protector from bad fortune and some think it is a sign of good luck. Snake tattoos look beautiful especially on hand.

Hanya masks- These are the most traditional and prominent of the Japanese Tattoos. These marks are like demonic pictures on body.

A lot of people nowadays love to get tattoos on their whole body. You can also get the tattoo of your name on any part of your body.