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Article Written By: Luco Tattoo

With the passage of time, popularity of tattoo has increased to a great extent in Japan. However, people still are not well familiar with the myths and the facts about tattoo. It many times serves as a permanent make up. A perfect tattoo requires a perfect artist, thus, if you are stepping forward to get a tattoo, then you must find renowned Japanese tattoo artist.

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Select the proper place on your body

One of the most important tips to consider is the place of the tattoo on your body. If you want to show your tattoo to the world, then inner wrist, ankle, neck, inner arm etc. are the best positions. However, you can also get a tattoo on back, naval point, chest etc.

Know the fact that tattoos do fade

Tattoos are permanent but many a times they fade away in the long run. In addition to this, they also get de-shaped with weight gain or weight loss. Thus, it is advisable to get tattoo on place which has least affect of weight change. In addition, if the tattoo is properly cared for, it will not lose its colour.

Tattoo after care

Tattoo is like an open wound and thus you need to take proper care of it. If proper care is not taken, then there may be infection in the area of the tattoo or any other issue may crop up. If you just get a new tattoo, then opt for cleaning it with a non-scented, soft and anti-bacterial soap. You can ask more after care tips from your tattoo artist.