The Japanese tattoo designers are always known for their art and skills. These tattoos have become popular not only in Japan but also across the globe especially in the United Kingdom it has become a new fashion statement. Apart from the designs, the material used by the Japanese tattoo artist is completely safe to your body that makes it a very good prospect to get them on your body. Here are some of the popular tattoo designs that you can get on your body:


Koi tattoo:

The Koi fish is one of the most important designs in the Japan and has a positive reflection on your body. In the Japanese culture, the Koi fish is the symbol of courage, determination, will-power and strength that helps you to carry your personality in a more impactful manner. The fish is having masculine features and that’s why these types of tattoos are more commonly preferred by the males but are also been donned by the females especially the athletes. You can get more information here.

Japanese Skull:

The Japanese skull design is especially for those who want to flaunt a style that is different from the league and in the Japanese tradition, it resembles the cycle of life and death which is very positive. In the other sense, those involved in darker business or street side fighters also flaunt such tattoos to showcase that they are messengers of death. It is a very different and refreshing tool to instil fear in your opponents when you are involved in any such business.