Make Japanese Tattoo On Your Body Parts And Make A Style Statement


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Tattoo is the new trend these days and you can see many boys and girls who have tattoo on their body which looks very interesting and appealing. There are many people who want to get a permanent tattoo by getting influenced by other people. There are lots of pop stars and famous singers who have unique tattoo on their body which symbolizes something. Some people have tattoo with name of their dear ones and some people have god tattoo on their body. So, all the credit goes to tattoo artists who are specialized in making tattoo.First, they will design tattoo and then will use tattoo machine for getting it inked. For some people it is very painful, while there are some people who can bear all the pain. So, if you want tattoo on your body then you have to visit a tattoo studio. If you want to get more information follow our website.


There are many people who want tattoo which is inspired by Japanese arts and culture in London. Tattooist will show you all the designs and they willfulfill your demand efficiently.

Creatures of Japan – Creatures in Japan are very famous in stories and shows. Therefore, you can opt for designer creatures such as Nekomata, Namazu, Nigyo, dragon, Namahage, etc. In London also people have craze for permanent tattoos. So, they can go to tattooist in London who makes all these tattoos.

Japanese mythology – Japanese tattoo in London are very famous. Skilled tattooist makes tattoo by getting inspired from Japanese metrology in which Buddhist and Shinto tradition is embraced. They can also make colorful tattoos as well.


Want To Get Your Body Inked – Take Help Of Tattoo Artists


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Article Written By : Luco Tattoo
These days, tattoos are getting quite popular among youngsters and teenagers as it helps them in getting a unique look and makes them look cool. For them tattoo is just a fashion accessory, but for many others it has traditional values. Tattoos are being inked on body from a number of decades but with change in time, many changes have come in their style, designs, methods and equipments. There are a number of artistic pieces that you can get inked on your body but if you want to get something strong and unique then you must opt for Japanese tattoo. They are very effective and unique and help in defining your will power. For this, you can visit theJapanese tattoo artistwho will help you in getting the best tattoo on your body.

Importance of Japanese Tattoo

There are many things that you can get on your body like dragon, snake, Japanese letters, numbers, alphabets, water, waves, wind or any other thing. There are a number of Japanese arts that you can opt for your body. Along with small sized tattoos, full sleeves tattoos are also gaining wide popularity. You can have anything on your sleeve like any animal, famous personality or any Japanese specification. In fact, you can have your own customized tattoothat you can get inked combininga number of things. The highlighted feature of Japanese tattoo is that they are very fascinating, precise and clandestine. They truly represent the culture and history with the help of beautiful images.

Get The Best Tattoos By Hiring An Experienced Japanese Tattooist


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Japan is the home to many types of art, Tattoo making is also one of them. Tattoo was first practiced in Japan and after that it achieved popularity in the rest of the world. Nowadays tattoo making is practiced heavily in Japan. There are many Japanese Tattooists which can make attractive tattoos on your body. So, if you are thinking of getting a tattoo on your body, then you should get it done by the experts. Making a tattoo requires many types of skills and ability that a tattoo artist should have in him. Some of those skills are highlighted below.


Understand the tattoo: It is must that the tattoo artist understands the tattoo that you have chosen. Each tattoo design will have its own message and meaning. So, it is important to first ask the meaning of the tattoo before making it on your body. Most of the Japanese men prefer to geta dragon inked on their body which is considered as the bringer of good news and fortune.

Artistic ability: It is important that the tattoo artist must have artistic ability. Tattoos are more than just a drawing which is made on your body. It is their method of expressing themselves. Just as a painter chooses canvas and paint to show his art work, tattooists have chosen skin and ink to show their ability.

Proper tools: A tattooist should use proper tools and inks which are suitable for tattoo making. You can directly ask the tattooist if he is using new needle or sanitized needle for making tattoo on your body. Contact us to get full enquiry.

Get New Japanese Tattoo On Your Body Part And Make Yourself Attractive


Article written by : Luco TattooLuco Tattoo

Tattoos have always been an important part for many people, it is as famous today as it was in the past. In fact, it is becoming a trend among the youngsters and with coming of many attractive designs more and more people are opting for it. Although, there are many popular styles that you can choose among tattoo art but these days’ Japanese tattoos are highly in demand. For this, you can take the help of professional Japanese tattoo artist. They will help you in getting the best tattoo on your body that will make you look more attractive.

japanese neo classical tattoo safehands


Although, many are having it as a fashion statement but it has some traditional values. In Japan, it helps you in conveying your status and is also meant as a spiritual symbol that helps in protecting your health from any problem.

Different type of Japanese tattoos

Snake tattoo: This tattoo represents wisdom, triumph, strength, good luck, protecting and change in your thinking and mentality. Many have it because it helps them in protecting from any disaster, bad fortune and illness.

Water and waves tattoo: This tattoo represents life, fluidity, movement and strength. These symbolize the waves and water and many have it along with Oni, Dragons and Koi. It reflects as water flows freely, in the same way your life will also flow like water.

Koi tattoo: It represents the desire for having success, water, courage, determination and strength. In this tattoo fish is printed on the body that helps you in keeping strong at a difficult situation in your life. It also gives you many masculine qualities.

What To Look For In A Tattoo Artist In London


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London has a budding tattoo scene. From modern age tattoos that go down well with the mainstream society to tattoos inspired by the criminal culture around the world, the history of tattooing in London goes more than a decade back. While some get portraits done, others like tattoos of their lost love, yet the most traditional ones are those of Japanese tattoos. Japanese tattoos date centuries back when it was practiced as a form of punishment. With the evolution of the art of tattooing, this form of Japanese tattoos remains sacred and fascinating.

London has some of the best tattoos studios in the world. With tattoo artists from around the world practising this art form since years, London has become an epitome for tattoo lovers. The city has remained largely unaffected by the recession and in fact, has emerged as Europe’s tattoo mecca. Top European artists have flocked to the city to cater to any tattoo desire. While it is still difficult to find a Japanese tattoo artist in London, few-experienced tattoo studious do practice this ancient art form. Some tattoo studious have taken on this traditional tattooing and given it a modern touch.

A plethora of talented, needle wielding tattoo artists create overwhelming tattoo designs-some original while others inspired. Japanese style of tattooing has gained importance lately due to its big motifs, colourful or grey-scale selection pallet and expressive designs. A Japanese tattoo artist is London will be well aware of this trend and stress on bold images as a part of Japanese style of tattoo form. Japanese tattoos are breath taking for the kind of images and the colour scheme they are sketched into. Images of dragon, Geisha, waves, shades and shadows are most popular in Japanese tattoo work.

Traditional Japanese Irezumi tattoo form has a strong influence of Japanese culture, without the deep understanding of which, a Japanese tattoo maker cannot produce traditional designs. A truly balanced traditional Japanese Irezumi is only possible through an indepth study of the Zen Spirit. The study of Zen requires years of commitment and meditation, which in turn gives beautiful insights to the Japanese traditional tattoo culture.

Although the traditional form of getting Japanese tattoo involved a little more pain than the needles that are now used, the experience was in complete harmony with the human body. Japanese tattoo artists believed in making everything themselves-inks, designs and tools. Hence, Japanese tattoo form can be termed as one with highest quality and precision.


Some Of The Best Reasons Why People Get A Tattoo

Article Written By: Japanese Tattoo Artist

There are several interesting ways to create your style statement. Tattoo is one of those brilliant and cool ways to get it done. Whatever type of tattoo you love such as religious, funny, nature-based, artistic, character based, etc., you would get hundreds of different options to suit your taste and personality.

In this article, we will tell you some of the reasons to get a tattoo carved on your body.

Express your personality

Tattoos are the best ways to let the world know about you. These stunning pieces are available in several different shapes, sizes and artwork. Whether you love sports or nature or films, you can get many types of tattoos to choose from. You would find lots of professional and skilled tattoo artists in Japan. Japanese tattoo artist helps you find your best match and have it carved on your body.


A creative touch

Unlike the traditional, overwhelming and boring tattoos, nowadays you will find animated tattoos in creative design that would surely capture the eyeballs of everyone. These mesmerizing tattoos are created by diluting the ink and limiting the pigmentation that goes into your skin. This way you can get a more appealing and elegant look of a tattoo.

Tattoo stays for a longer time

There are several incredibly designed tattoos, which you can preserve for several years without any wear and tear. With better aftercare, you can easily accomplish long lasting amazingly intricate hyper-realistic creations. Japanese tattoo artist uses the most advanced technology, inks and designs to get a tattoo that stays for life!!

So these are some of the reasons to wear a nice tattoo. By wearing a tattoo that matches to your personality, you are going to shine among your friends. So when are you getting a tattoo for yourself?

Flaunt Your Look With A New Tattoo


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Article Written By: Luco Tattoo

With the passage of time, popularity of tattoo has increased to a great extent in Japan. However, people still are not well familiar with the myths and the facts about tattoo. It many times serves as a permanent make up. A perfect tattoo requires a perfect artist, thus, if you are stepping forward to get a tattoo, then you must find renowned Japanese tattoo artist.

japanese neo classical tattoo safehands

Select the proper place on your body

One of the most important tips to consider is the place of the tattoo on your body. If you want to show your tattoo to the world, then inner wrist, ankle, neck, inner arm etc. are the best positions. However, you can also get a tattoo on back, naval point, chest etc.

Know the fact that tattoos do fade

Tattoos are permanent but many a times they fade away in the long run. In addition to this, they also get de-shaped with weight gain or weight loss. Thus, it is advisable to get tattoo on place which has least affect of weight change. In addition, if the tattoo is properly cared for, it will not lose its colour.

Tattoo after care

Tattoo is like an open wound and thus you need to take proper care of it. If proper care is not taken, then there may be infection in the area of the tattoo or any other issue may crop up. If you just get a new tattoo, then opt for cleaning it with a non-scented, soft and anti-bacterial soap. You can ask more after care tips from your tattoo artist.

A Complete Guide To Tattoo Making Procedure


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Article Written By: Luco Tattoo

While tattoos are a common appearance now on almost everybody’s body, Japanese tattoo artists in London work a little differently. Japanese tattoo making is an ancient art form that is practiced with sanctity and discipline. Not everybody can sketch traditional Japanese tattoos and at the sametime, not anyone can become a wearer of Horimono-Irezumi tattoo.

Almost all tattoo artists follow some general rules of procedure and after care of tattoos, but Japanese tattoo artists in London uphold these with utmost importance. Since the art form is a traditional one learnt after years of practice under a master, many adhere to a strict guideline. Some of these are:

  • The tattoo wearer must be 21years of old and above
  • He/she should not be under the influence of any intoxicating substance
  • Females getting tattoos should not be pregnant


japanese neo classical tattoo safehands

Only few artists work within the traditional Japanese rules of tattoo placement and make Japanese designs that involves smaller one-point tattoos and not just big tattoo placements. Usually they use rotary machines along with disposable grips and needles. One should find out if the colours used are meeting the European hygiene regulation. Traditional Japanese tattoo work involves the use of a tool known as Tebori. This is a hand-made tool that has been used since centuries to make tattoos. Only few of the Japanese artists in London still carry forward this traditional tool and work with it, that too on request. They may work with the tool to do partial tattoo colour and the process might take little longer than expected. One could indulge in a single session just to experience the traditional method.

  • Generally the tattoos can be completed within a few days, if it a big one spread over a large area
  • Tattoo artists suggest a gap of at least 10 days between two tattoo sessions to allow healing time
  • Smaller tattoos that do not involve much shading, colours and shadows can be done over a weekend stretch, although the pain can be substantial
  • Take prior appointments and decide on a sketch before being inked. The tattoo artists generally have a library of traditional Japanese designs for their clients.
  • Many tattoo artists insist on clients’ bringing their own towels and healing creams such as Bepanthen.
  • Alcohol or drug consumption is prohibited before any tattoo session. In addition, it is advised to go on a half-filled stomach.
  • The time taken on each tattoo will depend upon the design, the body size, the pain resistance and the skin type.

These are general procedure norms. Do talk to you tattoo artist in order to know their complete procedure and after-care list.

Trendy Tattoo Styles In The London That Can Be Adorned By You

People often get bored of their looks and try different things to add to their style and appearance. This makeover has become common in the youth of the city of London and they have opted for getting a stylish tattoo to add to their style statement. Apart from the modern, trendy and traditional designs, Japanese tattoo in London are becoming popular among the people.


This is the major reason why many Japanese tattoo parlors have come up in the city where you can get an excellent tattoo for yourself.

Here are some of the most popular tattoo designs that have been running the show in London:

Super Hero Tattoos:

The craze of super heroes in the youth of the city is immense which has lead to an increased number of people going for these tattoos. You can see the guys flaunting Spiderman style tattoo, captain America tattoo amongst others. These full body tattoos are very sharp and appealing and help the youngsters to create a good repo of themselves. These tattoos have swiftly replaced the super hero dresses from the market as they look a lot cooler and trendier than the dresses and at the same time help to showcase the body in a better manner.

Wild Tattoos:

These tattoos are specifically for those who want to show their dark side to the world. These tattoos have become really popular in the world with people flaunting hawk, vampire, wolf, snake dragon amongst various other tattoos. Especially, the hawk style tattoo on the back is largely preferred by the youth of London.

Popular Japanese Tattoo Designs For A Better Personality


The Japanese tattoo designers are always known for their art and skills. These tattoos have become popular not only in Japan but also across the globe especially in the United Kingdom it has become a new fashion statement. Apart from the designs, the material used by the Japanese tattoo artist is completely safe to your body that makes it a very good prospect to get them on your body. Here are some of the popular tattoo designs that you can get on your body:


Koi tattoo:

The Koi fish is one of the most important designs in the Japan and has a positive reflection on your body. In the Japanese culture, the Koi fish is the symbol of courage, determination, will-power and strength that helps you to carry your personality in a more impactful manner. The fish is having masculine features and that’s why these types of tattoos are more commonly preferred by the males but are also been donned by the females especially the athletes. You can get more information here.

Japanese Skull:

The Japanese skull design is especially for those who want to flaunt a style that is different from the league and in the Japanese tradition, it resembles the cycle of life and death which is very positive. In the other sense, those involved in darker business or street side fighters also flaunt such tattoos to showcase that they are messengers of death. It is a very different and refreshing tool to instil fear in your opponents when you are involved in any such business.